Protecting your asphalt paving investment is not only important, it’s necessary to preserve your driveway, parking lot or other asphalt paving.  That’s why Pavemaster Asphalt Paving and Repair Services provides you with the know-how you’ll need to keep your asphalt crack-free.

Extreme weather, moisture, heat, or just plain everyday wear and tear can create cracks in your asphalt. Once they develop, the underlying base is at risk from water damage seeping through and penetrating the all-important underlayment.  Repairs to both the base and the upper asphalt can be costly.  So why not seal up those cracks before they become a real issue.

High quality hot rubber sealing material can be applied into thoroughly pressure-cleaned cracks, creating a tight seal between rubber and asphalt.  Heated up to 400-degrees Fahrenheit, the sealant becomes a thin liquid and easily fills every crook and cranny as it’s poured.  And since rubber becomes a dense, but pliable substance when cooled, it can expand or contract with weather conditions, always keeping a tight bond with the asphalt.

Got asphalt cracks?  Call Pavemaster Asphalt Paving and Repair Services today and we’ll come out, take a long look, come up with a plan, and then provide you with a free estimate.